Work The Program (Mon 4/26/10)

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Ever wonder why the guy or girl next to you seems to be getting better and stronger and faster, and you seem to be struggling with the same things you’ve been struggling with since you started doing CrossFit? The reason isn’t because they’re genetically gifted or because you’re somehow at a disadvantage because of anything your parents did to you (or whatever reason you make up), it’s because they are using the CrossFit program to its potential and allowing it to work for them. They come in to the gym and do the WOD posted on the board, the way it’s posted on the board, whether they like the workout or not, whether they’re good at the movements or not, or whether they expect to have the fastest time in the gym or not.

The goal of CrossFit is to make you better, but CrossFit can’t do it if you don’t do CrossFit. The more you invest in your own results, the better the results are that you’ll get. That person next to you who was a noob a couple months ago and is now near the top of the board every day got that way for a reason – they busted their ass for it.

CrossFit doesn’t do itself. Work the program and let it work for you, and you’ll improve dramatically. Argue for your limitations, and they’re yours forever.


Power Clean



10 Rounds for time:

5 Ball Slams
7 Pushups
9 Squats


2 min handstand (total time inverted)

  • Brett

    no real reason for saying so but today rules. cleans and handstands I suppose. I’m hoping I have atleast some energy for this by the time 6pm rolls around. We’ll see I suppose.

  • justin


    6 min and some change….takin it to the vest next time…

    great workout today, fast and satisfying….even down to the armshaking on the handstands

    CROSSFITMC is doing wonders, thanks!