Mon 11/30/09

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DTR_1234 So now the holiday season is officially upon us and the cheat days are trying to worm their ways into every meal. As you make you decisions about where to eat, what to eat, how much of it to eat, etc., keep in mind that saying “but it’s the holidays and I HAVE to eat like crap during the holidays” is not only an excuse to continue in mediocrity but an acceptance of that mediocrity. Nutrition is by far the most important variable in a successful CrossFit program, as it is in any exercise program. If you’re driving a $250K Ferrari, you’d fuel it with the highest quality gas you could – you wouldn’t piss in the gas tank (thanks to Coach Glassman for that analogy). Eat for a purpose – to fuel your body in such a way that supports what you’re trying to accomplish. During the holidays (just as is true for the rest of the year) what you eat is 100% your choice. Make good choices.

Today’s WOD:

Back Squat


Between sets, we will be working on Muscle-up transitions (even if you already have muscle-ups)