DTR_1313.jpg Leah was having a great time after the first ever CrossFit Montgomery County WOD. We’re going to be having our official Grand Opening this Saturday, October 10, so come out for some more fun!

Today’s WOD:

Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
135 pound Hang power clean, 12 reps
135 pound Front Squat, 9 reps
135 pound Push Jerk, 6 reps

  • Oliver

    This is gonna suck!

  • Tai

    I’m glad you’re looking forward to it!

  • Dan

    DT lite?

  • Tai

    Kinda. DT doesn’t have a Front Squat – and you need work on your Front Squat. And your HPC. And your Push Jerk. And the other one too.

  • Jeff silver

    Wow… This is not gonna be fun…