Mon 10/19/09

By October 18, 2009CFMC Blog Archives
DTR_8115.jpg Another weekend passes at CFMC.

The burpees were fun and the pullups were glee.

The squats were all done with heels to floor.

In hopes that the chain used was posterior.

Today’s WOD
“CrossFit Total”

The sum of the best of three attempts each at the back squat, the shoulder press, and the deadlift.

  • Brett

    if anyone breaks 1,000lbs, one I’ll be impressed and two, I’ll take you to chicken out.

  • Ellery

    I think my last CFT was 805. I’m sure it’s dropped off . . . oh well.

  • Dan

    It’s been a VERY long time since I have done this one…very much looking forward to it

  • Oliver

    I think the last time I did this was last October and I did:

    Back Squat – 265
    Press – 125
    Dead lift – 350

    I know I’ve added at least 25lbs to the press, but the other two?

  • Mark

    Looks like fun, I’m sorry I can’t make it.