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By February 20, 2011CFMC Blog Archives

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Welcome to CrossFit Montgomery County! If you’re here seeking information about our LivingSocial deal, you should find everything you need below. Please feel free to call us at 301-309-0697 if you have any other questions.

What is CrossFit, anyway?

CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day, you bend down and pick things up, you put things over your head, you squat down, you stand up, you run after your kids or jump over a puddle. CrossFit prepares you for all that and then some by performing those movements in our workouts. We combine exercises from sports like weightlifting, gymnastics, and track and field, and then we mix it up a lot, so your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster and better conditioned. And the key to the whole program is that you work really, really hard… so you get fit really, really fast.

How does the LivingSocial deal work?

Your LivingSocial voucher entitles you to 8 (eight) CrossFit classes at our facility.  The voucher must be redeemed and all 8 classes used by May 20, 2011.

You may use your 8 classes at any of our designated Promo Class times as listed on our Schedule page.  Class size is limited, so you’ll need to reserve your spot in each class.

Can I buy the LivingSocial deal for my son/daughter who is under 18?

Yes, but they do need to be at least 16. When they come in for their first class, a parent or legal guardian will need to be present to sign our waiver for them as well.

Do I have to attend a class at the same day and time each week?

No, you are welcome to attend any of the Promo Classes that have available space.  Just be sure to reserve your spot in advance and you’re good to go!

Do I have to do the On-Ramp before I can begin to use my voucher?

No, the On-Ramp class is required to participate in the regular classes, but it is not necessary for the Promo Classes.  Our coaches will teach the class any skills or specific mechanics required for that day’s workout during the warmup period, and will insure that each athlete can perform each movement safely before continuing.

Can I use my voucher to take the On-Ramp class?

No, the On-Ramp class is separate from this offer; however, you will gain a significant athletic advantage in the On-Ramp (both in terms of mechanics and in overall fitness) by utilizing the 8 classes offered in this LivingSocial deal.

How do I redeem my LivingSocial deal?

When you’re ready to redeem your LivingSocial deal there are a few simple steps you’ll need to take before you come into the gym.

  1. Fill out our LivingSocial Registration Form. Be sure to have your LivingSocial deal number with you, as you’ll need it to complete this form. You will receive an email confirmation immediately after submitting the form. This whole process should only take about 1-2 minutes. CLICK TO GO TO THE REGISTRATION FORM
  2. Receive website login information. Within 72 hours of completing step 1, you will receive an email from info@crossfitmc.com with the subject, “CrossFit Montgomery County – Your website login information.” This email will have your login information and instructions for how to log into our online class reservation system.
  3. Log in and sign up. Use the information in the email to log into the system and reserve a spot in one of the Promo Classes (shown in bright green on the calendar).
  4. Come to the gym ready for CrossFit! Please arrive 10 minutes before your class begins so that we can show you around and let you know what you need to do.

One last thing – If you buy our LivingSocial deal, you’ll be sent an email with a unique link in it. If you get three people to click that link and buy the deal also, then your deal is free! Pretty cool – you could maybe just post it on facebook and generate 3 referrals.

  • Janelle

    Hey all,

    I apologize for posting this on this LivingSocial specific post, but I thought it would be where most would see it. I just came across another obstacle course-type race that is to be held in Cockeysville, MD on April 17th: http://www.mudchasers.com. If anyone is interested, it might be fun to do it as a trial run before Richmond since it is very close to Montgomery County.

  • Rachael

    Hi In today’s Livingsocial deal you reference the the promo classes listed on the schedule are they designated as Groupon on your schedule. I am looking a purchasing today’s Living Social deal and wondering if the classes are the same times.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Danielle

    Revisit the schedule and the Green Boxes now read Promo Class.

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