Let Me Take Your Picture (Wed 9/8/10)

By September 7, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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After the first day of the Paleo Challenge Preparation week, there are 10 people who’ve signed up and had their “before” pictures taken and there’s plenty of space for more participants. If you’re thinking about doing it, take a cue from Nike and just do it. There are three more days to get in on the action and get your pictures taken, so come into the gym, get up against the wall and strip off your clothes while we all stand around waving dollar bills. Ha ha!! Just kidding!! We only do that on Fridays…

If you are interested, click on Grog in the upper left of the page to get the full details of the challenge. There are a couple of documents there for you to download – and make sure to read the first one before trying to figure out the second one (right, Julie?). If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or ask us when you come in to the gym.

Remember, the challenge starts on Sunday, which means that registration/pictures ends on Saturday at noon. Get registered before then – the deadline will not be extended. And while you may be tempted to spend this entire week cramming all the carbohydrate yumminess in the northern hemisphere into your big mouth, it might be better to begin eating Paleo to begin acclimating your body to the foods you’ll be eating.


Hang Squat Snatch 5×3


As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

10 Deadlifts (185/123)
10 Knees to Elbows


Bottom-to-bottom tabata squats

  • Kevin Mrohs

    i like these kinds of workouts…theyre easy to set up here

  • Leena

    Breakfast and snack today:

    Lettuce wraps with roastbeef, avocado and yellow bell pepper!

    -Digging it. I’m gonna keep experimenting with lettuce wraps. They pack well too. Just make one, then wrap it up in saranwrap and bring it on the go.


  • Tai

    That’s awesome Leena! Thanks for all the great ideas – even though no one is replying here (c’mon you guys…help us out a little!) people are talking about your recipes in the gym! Keep ’em coming!

  • Leena

    Haha… Thanks Tai!
    A girl’s still gotta eat…
    The hard part is not the meat (who doesn’t love meat) -but what do u eat with it if you can’t have potatoes, rice or pasta??

    Tonight was steak with sauteed baby spinach with mushrooms, onion, and red bell pepper. (sauteed with bacon -yes! I know….)
    In any case it gave it some flavor!!

  • Julie G.

    Leena, great job!!
    I eat lots of green vegetables. Sometimes raw sometimes cooked. This week I bought some shredded broccoli and mixed with shredded cabbage and put some all natural low cal dressing on it for taste, this is raw. The veggies keep me full so that I do not pick up food I should not eat. my daily menu looks like:
    Breakfast 2 egg omelete with crabmeat with 3 strawberries few blueberries black coffee
    Lunch Chicken breast Grilled and broccoli/cabbage mix with trader joe dressing few almonds
    Afternoon snack 2oz turkey jerky handful almonds and pumpkin seeds
    Dinner 4 oz salmon broccoli/cabbage mix with trader joe dressing
    glad you mentioned the wraps, but beware the salt in cold cuts. Cook your own stuff if you can. I have to eat turkey jerky and cold cuts when traveling, but when home I try to cook my protein. If you get dressing make sure gluten free and low sugar.

  • Leena

    Thanks for the heads up on cold cuts 🙂