Last Call (Thu 7/15/10)

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The CrossFit Games are a day away, so this is the last call for anyone who would like to attend the weekend WOD/BBQ at the gym. Bring a friend – they’ll have a blast! If you don’t have any friends (like Lindsay) then bring an enemy – they’ll get their butt kicked while you get to sit back and laugh at them! Take today’s photo/storyboard of Dave, for example. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him writhe in this post-Fran agony a few weeks ago. Of course, he put up a 3:08 Fran that day so he earned every bit of that pain, but still, it’s the thought that counts, right? All in all, Saturday is going to be a great time, so make sure you let me know one way or another if you’re coming.

By the way, you don’t *have* to do the WOD if you come Saturday, nor do anyone you bring with you. You do, however, have to enjoy yourself and eat a burger or something. See you there!

Today’s WOD:

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings, (70/35)
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, (95/63)
25 Back extensions
30 Wallball shots
3 Rope climb ascents

  • Dan

    30 2-pood swings?! Wow…

  • Mark.B

    I’m exhausted just reading this.

  • dan lau

    bacon sizzle! nice one Dave 🙂 great Fran time