How To Finish A WOD (Thu 9/2/10)

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Today I have a video I shot of Dave yesterday finishing “Helen”, where he does a fantastic (if dramatic) job of showing us just how we should look when we finish a WOD. If you look like this, good job – you kicked the WOD in the teeth. If you can pass a field sobriety test, then you sucked in the WOD.

Very nice Dave…I’ll just vacuum up those pieces of skin you threw on the ground. It was great to have you at the gym this last year – take care, be safe, and come back to visit us sometime. Yep – Dave has left us for good. He’s off to play for awhile before medical school, which means that the position of resident badass (and pain in the ass) is officially up for grabs. Now I gotta find someone to build the other box bases so we can do 24″ box jumps whenever I feel like you guys aren’t jumping high enough…

Back to the Paleo stuff though, here are a few more links to help you on your way to being wholesome and healthy from the inside out:

Paleo Diet Food List – What you CAN eat

Mark’s Daily Apple – Recipes, ideas, and general good info on eating

Feasting On Fitness – a blog written by a dedicated CrossFitter following the Paleo lifestyle

More to come on the Paleo Diet…


Push Press 5×3


With a 21 minute clock:

7 min AMRAP
5 Push Press (95/63)
10 Pullups
15 Box Jumps

7 min AMRAP
5 Hang Power Clean (95/63)
10 Pushups
15 Squats

7 min AMRAP
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/63)
10 Wallballs
15 Situps


2000m Row

  • Angelina

    Good luck Dave!!

  • Mark

    Good luck Dave!

  • Mike C.


    Safe travels man. May you be a resident badass wherever the road takes you.

  • Oliver

    Have a great time in Mexico!