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By January 27, 2011CFMC Blog Archives

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Justin was right with his comment in the last post – the gym looks great. The driveway is clear, the power is on, and everything is happy here at the gym. So, for those of you who were excited about getting some kettlebell love on yesterday, fear not because you’ll have your chance today. Classes will resume as normal at 4:00pm, and barring any other major weather incidents, will remain normal until I figure out yet another way to make them abnormal. See you tonight!

Note: The On-Ramp class that was missed last night will have a make-up session tonight at 7:00pm. If you’re in the current On-Ramp, please let me know if you cannot make it at this time.

  • Sylvia

    Hi Tai!
    Will there be a make-up for the On Ramp class?

  • Tai

    Good point Sylvia. Yes, I’ll be doing an On-Ramp make up tonight for last night’s class. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Emily and Jeff

    This will count as both of our points for tomorrow (Em thought of it and Jeff made it) but we thought some could benefit from making this tonight.

    Paleo Freezer:
    Refrigerator with no power

    Pack all of your semi-cold paleo food in tupperware so animals won’t get it. Take it outside and bury in snow. Cold will still be good when the power comes back on! Enjoy!

  • Lorena Skelton

    Sorry, but BJ and I cannot make it to the make up class for On ramp today. We’ll be there tomorrow.
    Tilapia with lemon and herbs

    Tilapia fillets
    1/2 Lemon

    Condiment the fillets with the herbs add lemon juice and leave it at least 4 hours in the refrigerator. I prepared it in the morning and cook it when I came from work. The longest you leave it in there refrigerator before you cook it the better it will taste.

  • Ladybug724

    I call BS on posting a tomorrow’s “co-community bonus” today.

  • Erik Herick

    After getting the recipe right, I’ve promised myself that I’ll only make this once a week (for obvious reasons):

    Paleo-friendly Chocolate Topping
    — 3 Tbs Bakers Chocolate (99-100% Pure, unsweetened Cacao)
    — 2 Tbs Coconut Oil
    — 1 Tsp Raw Honey

    For a small amount like this, it’s easy to mix the ingredients together in a mug, heat for 30 secs in the microwave, and stir the heated mixture until blended. Add add’l coconut oil if the mixture still has a powdery taste. (Coconut Oil is high in Saturated Fat, so I always aim low to avoid over-indulging!)