Friday September 5, 2008

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There is a principle taught in every personal training class and certification out there except one. It is called the S.A.I.D. principle, and it stands for “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands”. The class that did NOT teach me the S.A.I.D. principle was the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. The S.A.I.D. principle essentially means that your body adapts to the stress you place it under – for example, elite marathon runners look like anorexic broomsticks and couldn’t lift the box of Wheaties their picture is on. I didn’t ask Dave Castro, Adrian Bozman, or Tony Budding (the instructors at my cert) about the absence of this principle because the answer seems obvious. CrossFit is a training methodology that is specific to everything. The “specific” adaptation gained from doing CrossFit for three days on, one day off is that you get better at everything. We train to be good at running, lifting, climbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, jumping, and swinging, and sometimes we do it all in the same workout. So the message seems clear: if you want to get good at something, practice it a lot. If you want to get good at everything, then you need to practice THAT too.

Today’s WOD:


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift (225)
Handstand Push-ups

Post time (and scaling) to comments.