Friday August 29, 2008

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Why I Love Meatheads

As a CrossFit trainer with no box to call my own (yet), I have to make do training the occasional client or two at the local globo-gym.  Anyone who has ever tried to do CrossFit in a globo-gym is probably already cringing…  Anyway, when I was leading a client out of the freeweight area after doing about 10 minutes of practice on her push-jerk, we passed a rhinoceros very strong man sitting in the hip sled machine (which incidentally had all but I think three of the 45lb plates in the entire gym on it).  He watched us walk by with a disgusted look on his face, and then in a voice obviously loud enough for us to hear, said to the rhinoceros next to him his lifting partner, “THIS shit’s gonna get old…FAST.”  I smiled and pretended not to hear, because even though I bet my “Fran” time is WAY better than his, somehow I don’t think he would have been impressed.  [sigh]  I can’t wait to get my own box…  then at least I won’t have to hunt for the 45lb plates.

Today’s WOD:


3 rounds of 21-15-9 reps for time of:

Thrusters (95lbs for men/65lbs for women)

Post times and any scaling to comments.

  • cfyork

    Hey man…we’re down her in Va. Beach. Blauer Tactical is an awesomely huge facility, really nice. I saw the cert team and only recongnized Adrian, funny he actually remembered me, considering he’s been doing at least 4 certs a month since ours. I mentioned that I tell everyone about his L-sit to handstand and tht he had to bust it out. I’m sure he has to do that trick every time he’s seen. Like how everyone wants Vanilla Ice to sing Ice Ice Baby…you get what I’m saying…later