Sharpen your axe (Fri 8/20/10)

By August 19, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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“If I were given eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend seven hours sharpening my axe.” -Abraham Lincoln

With the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge coming up in 11 weeks (it’s on November 6), a few of us have some serious training to do. As far as I know, the representatives of CFMC who will be competing in the Hopper Challenge are Kevin, Jackson, and myself. The registration is now closed (it filled up FAST) and I actually missed the cut-off by probably only a few minutes, but I’m 1st on the waitlist and 100% confident that I’ll be competing. With that in mind, there is plenty of axe-sharpening to be done (since all three of us have things we severely suck at): Kevin can’t row his way across a kiddie-pool in under an hour, Jackson can only do about 8 pushups before he needs to take a break, and I can’t lift a naked barbell off the floor without help. Yep – definitely plenty for us to work on.

The point here, other than to make fun of the three of us, is to make sure that all of you understand that if you want to do something well, you have to prepare to do it well. If your axe is dull, you ain’t cutting down no tree – you’re just going to end up beating the hell out of it. Take the time to prepare, practice and hone, and your job will be much easier. Proper preparation moves the dream closer, so prepare right and end up awesome.

Today’s WOD:

“Helen, Karen, and Karen’s Loser Boyfriend”

3 Rounds for time:

400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)
12 Pullups
50 Wallballs
15 Push Jerks (135/93)

  • justin

    looks like a load of fun Tai!