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Very Varied

Routine is the enemy. It’s one of the reasons people quit the globo gyms and join CrossFit gyms – they’re bored out of their minds with the routines the trainers give them. (Well you know, that and because CrossFit actually works.) In terms of exercise, routine will make you good at everything in the routine…and nothing else. CrossFit is comprised of constantly varied high intensity functional movements – this isn’t any secret to any of us. However… It is most certainly possible to get into a routine in CrossFit as well if you’re not careful. Doing the same movements – the EXACT same movements – will get you good at those movements. And while becoming good at the movements is ONE goal, it’s not THE goal. That’s why part of the fundamental dominant themes of CrossFit is to “learn and play new sports.” Without that practical application part, CrossFit can easily become a routine like at the globo gym (albeit somewhat more painful).

It’s important to screw with the routine once in awhile just to make sure you avoid that routine. What would this look like in practice? Maybe doing deadlifts with 75% of the load on one side and 25% on the other. Or perhaps the spinning pullups thing we did recently. Or any number of seemingly bizarre things that we can (and will) dream up for you to do. Take today’s WOD, for example. You’re going to get friendly with the resistance bands in some ways that are probably outside your comfort zone, and you’re going to like it. Or not. But either way, routine is out the window today – and you should be thankful for it, because you’re a CrossFitter and can handle it.

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds for time:

25 Resistance band Push-ups (full lockout at top, fight the resistance)
25 Resistance band Squats (full lockout at top, and fight hard at bottom to maintain lumbar curve against resistance band)
25 Resistance band Assisted Pull-ups, Chest to bar no kip

Men: same band for the whole workout
Women: one band higher for pullups