How I Got Here (continued)…

The article said everything I had been trying to write, only it said it far better than I could have. I found that I had not only agreed with everything it said, but that I actually learned something! I was hooked, and began to look forward to visiting the CrossFit site several times each day to find out what else I could learn. Hour after hour, day after day – there was always something to read, something to watch, something to practice, and something that would make me a better trainer.

About 6 months later (in April 2008) I attended a Level 1 Cert at HyperFit in Ann Arbor, MI, and met Dave Castro, Tony Budding, Adrian Bozman, and Jon Gilson. Holy crap I came back SO fired up about CrossFit I couldn’t hold it in. I became downright evangelistic about CrossFit and knew my life was about to change.

Fast forward a bit, and after tons of WODs and an improvement in my fitness I never thought possible, I had an opportunity to attend another Level 1 Cert. Late November 2008 at Blauer Tactical in Virginia Beach, VA, I met Pat Sherwood, Chuck Carswell, Jolie Gentry, Thomi Gill, and even chatted with Dave Castro again who popped in on day 2 to say hello.

To Be Continued (again)…

Today’s WOD:

21-15-9 reps for time:

Overhead Squats [Men – 95# | Women – 65#] Knees to elbows