Fri 12/11/09

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F85A5250 Time for some fun today. When I say fun, of course I mean “hard work and maybe a mid-WOD visit to the bathroom”. We’re going to put your ICWABTAMD to the test and have you do some stuff that has nothing to do with technique, form, mechanics, or any of the other things I usually hammer you on. This is a purely task-based workout…it will consist of things like “put this thing over there” and “touch that thing hanging from the ceiling”…stuff like that. Wear your Sunday best – you can be sure the camera is coming out today!

Today’s WOD:

“Including, but not limited to”

Picking stuff up

The order, number of reps, rules and other variables that will undoubtedly add to the overall suck factor of the workout will be determined based on what kind of mood I’m in when you arrive. If I’m in a bad mood, the workout will suck. If I’m in a good mood, the workout will suck. See you at the box!

  • daniel.zaudtke

    I am nervous. Whenever Tai posts stuff like this, it’s bad. He is taking his time in coming up with horrible, horrible things that I am not good at. Like sprinting, flipping, jumping. Picking up stuff is ok.

  • ep_35

    Will I trail blood into my house after every workout? After today’s Pitfall, I can’t even type on my laptop without leaving blood smudges all over the keyboard.

  • Tai

    Try Kotex or Tampax. I hear they work well for people with similar issues. 🙂