DTR_3045 Got Burpees?

It’s unlikely you’ll ever run into a situation where the only options are to plunge into a crocodile infested hot lava swamp with spikes and sharks and pygmy cannibals or narrowly escape certain death by incredibly hammering out 100 burpees in less than 5 minutes. Ah yes, the burpee: everyone’s favorite exercise. I tell people that even though they suck at burpees now, they will get better at them; they may even get good at them, but they will never, ever like them. What is the purpose of the burpee? Where did it come from? It’s no mystery where the name came from – do an unbroken set of 20 or more shortly after lunch and you’ll quickly discover the etymology of the word. So why do we do them? Simple. They suck. A lot.

The funny thing about them though is that no matter what you just finished doing, or how many burpees you’ve just completed…you could do one more if you had to. Remember that when you have 25 more to go and want to take a break. The mantra is “just one more.” If you do “just one more” every time you want to stop and take a breather, the workout will be done before you know it and your time will be far better than if you had taken that break. How badly do you want a better time, anyway?

Mediocre sucks.

Today’s WOD:

“Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds for time:

50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans [Men – 135# | Women – 93#]