Fri 11/20/09

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DTR_1236 CrossFit prepares you for the unknown and the unknowable. What’s going to happen to you today? You don’t know – it’s unknown. Are you going to be prepared for it? Is someone going to steal your steering wheel? Are you going to fall into a 15-foot hole? Is your roommate going to barricade your bedroom door with a 6-foot pile of dirty laundry? While none of these are likely (unless your name is Oliver), it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything – because you don’t know what might be coming.

Today’s WOD:

“The Unknown And The Unknowable”

That’s right – you have no idea what you might have to do today. See you in class…

  • Brett

    Tai didn’t know what we were doing today either. This is a ploy to get a few more hours to think.

  • Oliver

    A better title, “The Unknown, Unknowable and Unbearable”

  • Tai

    Oliver, that may not be entirely…untrue.

    Brett, you get to do 100 burpees for your warm-up today.

  • Oliver

    I suggest that rowing be unknown and unknowable

  • Tai

    Only if I can figure out a way to simulate rowing across the ocean with 30-foot rogue waves in a hailstorm on the ergs…

  • Oliver

    Large industrial fans, dry ice, table salt, water and buckets. Come on, how hard was that???