Fri 10/30/09

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DTR_8320.jpg Do you know how your body works? I’m betting you don’t. I’m not even talking about the myriad of organs, endocrine glands, nerves or any other of the countless intricate systems that make up the human body’s anatomy and physiology, I’m talking about something simple (!) like muscles and bones. In terms of muscles and bones, your body is nothing but a bunch of levers. Levers require some sort of force to make them move, like maybe some kind of rope and pulley system. In your body, your bones are levers, and the muscles and tendons are the ropes and pulleys.

Let’s say you have a lever that can move in every direction (for example, the shoulder). Up, down, in, out, twist this way and twist that way, left and right – this lever can do it all. How many ropes and pulleys (in fixed positions, like muscles are) would it take to move that thing in all those directions? What would keep the lever from from going too far in one direction when a certain rope is pulled too hard? How many more ropes and pulleys would be required to hold the lever in place while other ropes are yanking on it? What if you only had a limited number of ropes and pulleys to use to make that lever go through its entire circle(s) of movement? On top of all those questions, what would be required of those ropes if we put, say, a couple hundred pounds at the end of that lever? Yeah, I think you’re getting the picture now.

The message for this first part in what will most likely become a multi-part lecture series about the paramount importance of efficient movement, is that you probably move like crap and it’s killing your “Fran” time.

Today’s WOD: (speaking of “Fran”)


21-15-9 reps for time of:

95 lb. Thrusters

  • Daivd

    Can anyone beat Tai’s best time ever of 23:56?

  • Jeff

    Wow Tai! Thats pretty good… I think Oliver is just shooting to get under 30:00…

  • Dan

    My shoulders move in ALMOST every direction! If I get sub-10 today I’ll be happy…

  • Oliver

    I’m shooting for sub 8.

  • Jeff

    I also have many limitations and handicapps that make this workout difficult for me to complete quickly…

  • Tai

    Jeff – by “limitations” do you mean your inability to correctly spell “handicaps”?

  • Jeff silver

    That would be one limitaion, yes.