Fixing Pushups (Thu 5/20/10)

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Nice pink socks, Casey. And what’s that thing between your hands, anyway? Actually they’re not socks, they’re surgical booties, and that piece of trash between her hands is a flattened out water bottle with sand in it. Some of you may accuse me of making people do goofy stuff like this for my own entertainment (which wouldn’t be far from the truth), but in fact there’s an actual reason behind both of those items.

I made everyone wear those ridiculous booties on Tuesday for the pushup portion of the chipper (though most other people chose to wear the black ones I have) and put their feet on the finished wood platforms for the same reason that kids like wearing socks on hardwood floors: because they slide. See, you may not realize it but most of the time when you’re doing a pushup you’re not pushing up, you’re actually pushing out with your hands and backwards with your feet. The result is that you end up sort of suspended between your hands and feet, like one of those cheap pullup bars you install in a doorway by twisting it for 2 hours to brace against the frame until it can hold your weight. (This is usually shortly before a trip to Home Depot to buy new molding before your wife gets home and finds the huge cracks you made when you tried to kip).

Anyway, this “suspension pushup” usually results in a sagging spine due to REALLY loose abs and a total loss of midline stabilization. The butt generally sticks up too, showing not only loose abs but also loose glutes. Enter the pink booties.

By putting on these horrific booties and then putting your feet on the finished wood, you are (for the most part) physically unable to get into that “suspension” position because any pushing forward and out with your hands make your feet slide backward and you’ll collapse. Likewise, if you *don’t* keep your abs actively tight throughout the entire pushup, your feet will slide backward and you’ll collapse.

So the point of the booties is to force midline stabilization during pushups, which will in turn improve your overall core strength, which will make you a better CrossFitter (and give you way better abs). Oh, and the bottle filled with sand is to make sure your chest goes *all* the way down. The rule on the bottles is simple: make the bottle sing. I don’t care if you touched it with your shirt – if I can’t hear it crinkle, you didn’t do a pushup.

Just wait until I make you do pushups with the booties on your feet AND hands (which is coming soon to a WOD near you…)


Front Squats 5-5-3-3


“Despiser” (Thanks to Chef at CrossFit Breakaway for making me suffer through this yesterday)

3 Rounds for time of:

21 Burpees to rings (minimum 6″ jump to touch the rings)
5 Turkish Get Ups per side, (35/25)
21 KettleBell Swings (53/35)


25 Shoot-Throughs