Fixing Double-Unders (Fri 5/21/10)

Today’s great fitness product that would be better off dropped into an active volcano is the Jump Snap. If you’re having trouble getting consecutive double-unders, perhaps the problem is with the rope you’re using and not your lack of coordination and/or rhythm. This wonderful tool promises to make jumping rope fantastically easy, mainly by removing the *rope* part of the jump rope. Yeah, if it weren’t for that pesky rope getting tangled in my legs all the time, I could jump rope like forever. It has a “built-in computer” to count jumps and calories (hey, maybe we could use it in Fight Gone Bad next time in lieu of rowing), and it even makes a “snapping” noise so it sounds like you’re actually jumping a real rope! Visit the site, watch the 3 minute video, and see how the Jump Snap can make you a double-under master.

And no, you can’t use these to finish off “The Filthy Fifty.” At least not at MY gym…


Arrive at gym



5 Rounds for time of:

20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats

Rest 3 minutes between rounds


Consume post workout recovery beverage of choice

  • ladybug724

    Are you sure you didn’t purchase this rope for your CrossFit soft core movie ambitions?

  • Mark.B

    “perhaps the problem is with the rope you’re using and not your lack of coordination and/or rhythm. ” – This is exactly what I have been thinking all along.

  • Brad LaTour

    Whoa….why the venom? Thanks for the plug although I’ve heard it all before. Sure I understand it’s fun to mock a ropeless jump rope but if it helps people get active and lose weight then I’m happy. With almost 3 out 4 people obese or overweight, putting our head in the sand and saying “do it this way” just isn’t cutting it. In a independent 3rd party test, JumpSnap burned about 10% more calories than the traditional rope even for those that could jump. Imagine what was said when the first treadmill came on scene, “you want me to spend $5000 to run in place when I can do it outside for free?” We’re focused on the same goals of helping others get healthy, albeit differnet markets. Keep up the good work!

  • dan lau

    I still don’t know why ppl run on treadmills… is the high school track overflowing with ppl?

    Wii fitness anyone?