Excuses, Excuses (Mon 9/13/10)

By September 12, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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Ok everyone, it’s time to have a little chat. Sit down, get comfortable and listen up, because this is important. Now scoot your chair in a little closer so I don’t have to yell. That’s better. Ok, here we go. When we’re doing handstand pushups, you know how you don’t get your head all the way down to touch the ground, and when I tell you that it needs to touch the ground you tell me that you can’t get it all the way to the ground? Yep, there’s a problem there. What’s that you say? You don’t do handstand pushups at all? Gotcha – but I did notice that your squat doesn’t go all the way to full hip-crease-below-knee depth. I’m sorry? You are evolutionarily unique among all homo sapiens and are therefore physically unable to accomplish this natural human movement? Hmm…yeah, somehow I’m doubtful this is actually true. How about those of you still using the same color bands to do your pullups that you’ve been using for the past 3 (or more) months? Are you under the impression that there will always be a green band available to provide you with 40-80 lbs. of assistance in the unlikely event that you need to pull yourself out of a hole to safety?

Let me try to explain this as simply as I can. When you break your leg, the doctor doesn’t hand you a set of crutches and instruct you to use them for the rest of your life. They are temporary, and for use only while your leg is rebuilding itself. Guess what you do with them when your leg is strong enough for normal activities? YOU STOP USING THEM!! Holy guacamole! You can actually ditch the crutches! You see, crutches are there to help you while you need help, but if you don’t work to build the strength and/or skills necessary to get rid of them then you will always need them.

The moral of the story is to get your head down to the floor on your handstand pushups – making your head go halfway down because that’s all you’re currently able to do is simply not acceptable (at least not if you want to call what you’re doing a “handstand pushup”). You may have tight hip capsules, poor balance or other strength issues that prevent you from getting to the full bottom of a squat, but none of those things are insurmountable if you spend just a few minutes honestly working to improve every day. And regarding the pullup bands – if you can do 10 pullups in a row with a certain level of band, it’s time to lower the assistance and prepare to pull a little harder.

And it doesn’t stop with these movements either. I don’t care what you’re doing – if you’re making an excuse for why you can’t do it the way it’s supposed to be done, you are holding yourself back, period. I will do everything I can to help you improve, but be aware that excuses are just you fighting for your right to stay mediocre. And we all know how I feel about mediocre.


Push Press 5×5


15 Burpees
1 Pullup
14 Burpees
2 Pullups
13 Burpees
3 Pullups


2000m Row

  • justin

    this is a prime example of one that will be underestimated…and suck tremendously!!!!! looks like a good start to a week chock ful o WODS!