Evolving into Cavemen (Fri 5/7/10)

I’m not trying to say these two kids are cavemen, but I think they’re headed in the right direction. Cavemen did everything – they carved their tools out of stone, built their shelter, created weapons, hunted for their food (Paleo food even!), and lived happy satisfying lives until they ultimately met their demise under the very large foot of a careless dinosaur. Or something. The truth is that I could write everything I know about cavemen on the back of a postage stamp with a crayon.

But I do know that thanks to technology, our lives are significantly easier than those of our prehistoric ancestors. I alluded to this the other day with the remote controls and Segways thing, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. We have become such a ridiculously lazy culture that we have escalators to carry us to our second floor globo-gyms, treadmills with TVs in them (because we wouldn’t want to be BORED while we’re wasting our time), machines to assist us with movements our ancestors could perform while sleeping, and complicated looking contraptions with cables and handles and blue vinyl padding that work THIS muscle and NOTHING ELSE!!.

It’s frustrating and depressing that as an educated culture we’ve worked so hard to become so stupid.

That’s yet another reason I love CrossFit (it really is a huge list, isn’t it?) – because we’re devolving ourselves in an extremely productive manner. We are using the same movements that humans were using gazillions of years ago (most of which we discover shortly after starting CrossFit we’re not very good at), and we work ourselves far beyond the point where we want to quit. We train, practice and train some more because we want to rid ourselves of this pathetic shell of what humans used to be and return to a physique that is able to take care of itself.

So flip those tires, kids, all the way down the alley. Then pick them up and carry them back over your heads. And then do it again and again, and learn how to have fun riding a Segway and not have a medical need to use it.


Arrive at gym



3 Rounds for time:

30 Squat Cleans (95/63)
30 Pullups
800m Run


Consume post-workout recovery beverage of choice

  • ladybug724

    Sounds good, Coach. I’ll definitely be ready for a beverage of my choosing.

  • Chase

    Sorry Im gonna misss this…. good luck

  • left over corona

    Oh yeah! Friday baby. Looks like a killer. I would imagine anything named after Chris Spealer’s nick name would be.

    Everyone come bang this one out at 6pm when I’m coaching class and stick around to watch me (and whoever else wants to go hard!) go for it at 7. Post workout beverage this week…you guessed it, left over cinco corona! Yeee Haw