Don’t Get Comfortable (Thu 4/29/10)

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What’s more satisfying to you…when you absent-mindedly kick a wadded up piece of paper across the office and it bounces off of the wall, the chair, the desk, the computer screen and that picture of your dog before landing squarely in the trash can, or when you can do that 5 times in a row exactly the same way? I think it’s way cooler to be able to do something on purpose than hoping it happens by accident. It’s also a basic requirement in order to be considered good at anything.

Professional athletes are professional athletes because they can make something happen more regularly than amateur athletes – you never hear Tiger Woods say “I dunno how I won all those tournaments – I just closed my eyes and swung like hell.” No way – he practiced his butt off hour after hour, day after day for years and years to be able to make the ball do what he wants it to do. He didn’t become an expert the first time he swung a golf club, he practiced relentlessly. And what’s more, he is now considered the greatest golfer who ever lived yet he still practices relentlessly.

It’s easy to be a beginner at CrossFit – you have all kinds of valid excuses for why you’re no good at the movements yet, and you improve so dramatically so quickly that it becomes addicting. But a word of advice to beginners and veterans alike: don’t ever get comfortable with your current level of ability, because the moment you stop practicing is the moment you stop improving. I’m not as good as I want to be yet, so hand me a PVC – I’ve got work to do.


With your 5RM Shoulder Press weight, do 3 rounds of the following sequence:

4 reps Shoulder Press
3 reps Push Press
2 reps Push Jerk

*do not put down the bar between movements
*rest for 2-3 minutes between rounds


4 Rounds for total reps, no rest between rounds

1 min Row (calories)
1 min Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
1 min Knees to Elbows


100 Double-Unders