Don’t Be An Ass (Tue 6/15/10)

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You’ve been doing CrossFit now for several months, or maybe a few years. Your work capacity across broad time and modal domains is increasing almost daily, your life has changed, you look fantastic, you lift heavy stuff all the time, 100 pullups sounds somewhat unpleasant but not really a big deal, and you’ve become an arrogant jerk about it to all your non-CrossFitting friends. Wait a minute…what? Yep, it’s easy sometimes to make the CrossFit slogan “Forging Elite Fitness” appear to your friends as “Forging Elitist Fitness” when you all you want to do is show them how much better you are than them and make fun of their globo-gym, yoga, P90X, Body Pump, and yes, even their Jump Snap workouts (I’m certainly guilty of this as well).

Here’s the thing…CrossFit may be a thousand times better for them than whatever they’re currently doing, and they may very well achieve every single fitness goal they’ve ever dreamed of and MORE through CrossFit. But CrossFit has to be presented to them as a gift and not as proof of why or how whatever they’re doing is stupid. Meet them where they are, and don’t treat them as though you expect them to be where you are. It’s disrespectful, it proves that you ARE an arrogant jerk, and you will only turn them away from CrossFit in the end. This is not the goal people…

We’ve found CrossFit to be a wonderful way of life that we wish all of our friends and family would embrace. So we need to present CrossFit to them where THEY are, not where WE are. How do we do this? Simple – show some compassion. You need to understand that they are really and honestly doing the best they can, and when you’re talking to them make sure they know that you hold no judgment against them (and then, of course, don’t judge them for where they are or what they’re doing). Just remember where YOU were and what YOU were doing before you found CrossFit.

I realize this requires a great deal of maturity, but we’re mature adults (well, most of us are anyway) and it’s time we act like it. Everyone has a friend or family member we know would LOVE CrossFit if they just gave it a try. Present CrossFit to them in a way they can hear and accept, and stop trying to prove them wrong.

The goal is to share this incredible thing called CrossFit with as many people as possible, not to alienate them. Be compassionate, aware, respectful, and do it with as many people as you possibly can. It’s up to you to spread the word, and you’re doing a great job so far. Keep it up, and give the gift of CrossFit to everyone you know – because you know they’ll thank you for it later.


Snatch – position practice (with barbell)


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Overhead Squats (65/43)
400m Run
10 Pullups


30 STRICT Knees To Elbows

  • Dan

    That’s a great point — except for the jump snap. That thing is DYING to be made fun of (like the resistance chair and the hand jo…I mean Shake Weight)