Detour Ahead (Mon 12/6/10)

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I live about 2 miles away from the gym straight down Shady Grove Rd. and it takes me about 5-7 minutes to get there from my apartment each day. Considering I used to commute anywhere from 3-5 hours each day when I was training clients in their homes and in various gyms, I’d say things have gotten better. I mean, in addition to the obvious fact that I spend a fraction of the time fighting traffic and dealing with Maryland drivers, I also save about $400 a month in gas!

5-7 minutes is all it takes, provided I point my car in the direction of the gym and hold on a relatively steady course. If, however, I veer off course and take an unplanned detour due to a traffic accident or something, the simple trip becomes a bit more involved. Assuming my final destination remains the gym, I now have to figure out which way I’ve gone, how to get back on track, and then I actually have to physically get back on track. All in all, a far bigger expenditure of time, gas (energy), and effort than I originally planned for.

We’re always looking for a better way to get to work, aren’t we? Some way to avoid the traffic, save gas, and mostly to save time – no one wants to sit in traffic longer than absolutely necessary.

Of course, the barbell works in much the same way. It has a straight vertical path from its starting position to its ending position, and any deviation from that straight path is a waste of energy. Since the barbell doesn’t move on its own (unfortunately), the deviation must be caused by something that you’re doing.

Learn to drive straight to work, without any detours. Learn to make the barbell go straight up and down, without any detours. Both pursuits pay off in a big way.


Full Warm-Up


And various other random movements
Get ready for another unknown and unknowable obstacle course.


Participate in the standard post-WOD discussion about t-shirt slogans that make fun of me. Oh, and become intimate again with the lacrosse ball – it misses you.

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