Deadlift Love (Wed 4/28/10)

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Damn folks – we had some GOOD deadlifting in here yesterday! We got at least 3 new people in the 400+ club (Kevin, Jackson and Jeff – and chances are good I’m missing someone), and Dan pulled 450 to full extension to take Brett’s place at the top of the Deadlift section of the Leader Board! That’s a 25 lb PR for Dan! Congratulations to all of you – you busted your butt and didn’t let the weights hold you down. Even I finally broke my pathetic deadlift PR with a 315 (a 15 lb PR for me). You can bet that Brett won’t let that one go for long though!

UPDATE: I knew I missed someone when I wrote this last night – Oliver also joined the 400+ club! Fantastic job brother!

In other news, check out the new Logs/Forum page on the website. You can keep a personal log of all your WODs, PRs, Benchmarks, and everything else too. Also please note the login and registration widget at the top left of this page… You have to be registered to contribute to the forum or keep a log. There are a couple of minor bugs I still need to work out in the forum software, but overall it works just fine. As you use it please let me know if you run into any issues. Happy logging!


1000m Row



For time:

150 Wallballs

*This is one of the benchmarks on the Leader Board, and the standards for the wallballs will be strict: hip crease must be below parallel at the bottom, and the ball must TOUCH the wall IN the black stripe (e.g. I have to be able to see black under the ball when it hits the wall). This will be explained and demonstrated in class.


1000m Row

  • Brett

    Nice job everyone! I wish I could have been there to see some of those pulls. Welcome to the 400 club Kevin, Jackson and Jeff. Dan, HUGE pull dude. Props on that one. 440 just wasn’t my number today BUT believe me, I’ll find a way to get back on top. 500 isn’t allllllll that heavy right?

  • Mark.B

    Sorry I missed yesterday. Looks like a good time.

  • Jackson

    Yeah Dan that was bad ass work yesterday man

  • Dan

    Very impressive all around! It was amazing seeing all the PRs yesterday!

  • Oliver

    Looks like I can trough away my tire jack… I’ll just get Dan to deadlift it when I need to change a tire.

  • Oliver

    Rowing, the Karen, then more rowing… not looking forward to this!

  • Anna

    Wish I was doing this today because I just ate a sinfully delicious cupcake….