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By October 14, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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I’m guessing it’s been awhile since you looked at the Gym Rules, so I’d like to take this opportunity to offer you the chance to review them. Go ahead – I’ll wait.

Now that you’re all experts (again) on the gym rules, I’d like to amend some informal common sense items that won’t necessarily be added to the list (at least not yet) but nonetheless require attention.

1. Be aware of the space around you when you’re working out. When they teach you drive a car they (presumably) teach you to pay close attention not only to what other drivers are doing but what they MIGHT do. I see far too many people drop a loaded barbell from overhead and begin walking away long before they have any idea of where (or into whom) it may bounce. Pay attention to your equipment and all the equipment near you, lest you drop to floor to do burpees where someone is finishing their thrusters and you end up under a falling barbell (or you drop a barbell on someone who just started doing their burpees).

2. Don’t drop a barbell loaded only with the new 10 lb. Rogue bumper plates from above your waist. Those things are downright bouncy, and it’s pretty much impossible to predict where the barbell will end up if you drop it. So the rule is simple – if you have a bar with only those plates on it, bring it to a HALT at your waist before you release your grip. And if you think that making the barbell stop at your waist is too hard to deal with during a workout, then you are not strong enough to have that barbell over your head in the first place.

3. Don’t be lazy with your equipment when you’re working out. Whether you’re working with barbells, kettlebells, or even no equipment at all, laziness and carelessness are the two biggest things that can lead to injury (yours or someone else’s). The first two items in this list really have to do with avoiding laziness, so just be smart when it comes to handling equipment during the workouts.

4. Use the space in the gym wisely. The wooden platforms are a great way to get the absolute most out of Olympic Lifting and are great for high-load low-rep barbell work, but they are not going to give you any significant advantage during a WOD. When setting up a barbell for a WOD pretend that the platforms do not exist, because when you call shotgun on one of the platforms you screw up the flow for wallballs, handstand pushups, or any number of other movements. Putting one foot on wood and the other on rubber will not kill you.

The grand overall message here is just an elaboration of Gym Rule #2. Pay attention when you’re at the gym and be respectful and so that no one gets hurt.


Full Warm-Up


2009 CrossFit Games Final WOD:

15 Squat Cleans (155/113)
30 Toes to bar
30 Box Jumps (24″ Box)
15 Muscle-ups
30 Push Press/Push Jerk (45/33)
30 Double-Unders
15 Thrusters (135/93)
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
300′ Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead


Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball

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    Good Pull for the workout Tai! I will be doing this today, because the mainsite is very lame today. Thanks!

    Hey everybody! I promise I will have a Saturday off sometime soon to come and say Hi.

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    i really love this chipper, so tough so GREAT!!!!