Buy-In, Cash Out (Thu 4/22/10)

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There’s been some confusion as to why there is all this “Buy-In/Cash-Out” stuff plaguing the WODs lately, so I thought I’d take a moment to explain it.

The other day several of you wrote publicly about your goats, those horrible abominations of cruel and unusual physical punishment that are 100% conquerable if you have the will and the desire to choose to defeat them. The Buy-In/Cash-Out is here to support and facilitate the eradication of these unwanted farm animals, and contrary to popular belief, not simply to watch you suffer more (though I do enjoy that too). During the Buy-In/Cash-Out you will be given important tasks to accomplish and skills to practice that will make you better at stuff you’re not good at, as long as you allow them to. Think of it in terms of yesterday’s post – would you rather have things that kill your workouts and hold you back or just be good at everything and not have to worry about it?

I’d also like to personally thank my new favorite lurker, Eric Pelletier, for posting about his goat: running. Eric my friend, your post clinched today’s Cash-Out (which I’m sure I’ll hate you for since I hate running too). This is a guy who doesn’t even live in this state, but he posted his goat publicly on this site for all 7 of my readers to see anyway. Good work brother… now you HAVE do today’s Cash-Out (and post your time here too)!


Snatch 3-2-1-1-1


“Tabata Something Else”

20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for each of the following movements:


Score = total number of valid reps completed


1 mile run for time

  • One of Tai’s 7 readers

    Running’s my biggest goat! Sadly, I can’t make it tomorrow. Have fun though.

  • Oliver

    Snatches, running, there are a lot of goats on this farm!

  • Mark

    Boy this looks like fun! Too bad I’m going to miss it…

  • Eric

    Tai – Is there watch or mini timer that would allow one to set variable intervals (20 sec and 10 sec intervals for Tabata training) with a beep at each interval, much like your wall clock. I’m looking for a good way to do Tabata interval outside of the gym without looking at my wristwatch every 2 seconds! I’ve read various forum posts looking for an answer, but it’s mostly people spoutin’ nonsense.

  • Mike C.


    I’m speaking for Tai…

    But what you are looking for is called a GymBoss

    Well worth the $20.

  • Eric

    Thanks Mike… I found the website, and I might drop 20 for the GymBoss. Also, after I posteded, I did a search in iTunes and found a nice little Tabata app that will work fine until I buy something I won’t cry over if I break. It would only be a matter of time before I dropped a kettlebell on my iPhone!

  • Tim

    Hi Tai, I just wanted to let you know I am pilfering your post and bringing it to my site, with all due credit going to you. This is one of the most insightfull couple of paragraphs I have read in a while. Thanks.

    CrossFit Lancaster.