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In anticipation of the upcoming Paleo Challenge, I’ve arranged to have the Mobile Bod Pod make a visit to the gym on Friday Jan 14. This is a great opportunity to get two very accurate body composition measurements taken before and after the Paleo Challenge (on par with hydrostatic weighing and DXA scans, but without the feeling of impending death from sitting motionless while completely underwater with no air in your lungs or having to subject yourself to unnecessary radiation exposure).

From the Be Fit-Test website (operator of Maryland’s Mobile Bod Pod):

“The BOD POD is the safest and most subject-friendly of all methods used to assess body composition. There are none of the risks associated with underwater submersion, no x-rays, no electrical current, and no pinching. During testing, the subject just sits comfortably inside the BOD POD, yielding reinforcing and detailed test results complete with¬† graphs providing information vital to/for an effective fitness program and the proper monitoring of that program.”

The whole process takes about 10 minutes, is completely painless, and you’ll walk away with far more information than my skinfold calipers will tell you.

Be Fit-Test charges individuals $75 per test, but since we’re getting a group rate for the Paleo Challenge it will be $85 for CFMC members ($95 for non-members), and this covers both your before and after tests. You will need to pay this to CFMC before Jan 14.

As far as the Paleo Challenge goes, you may use either the Bod Pod test results or the skinfold caliper results for the body composition part of the challenge, but you may not combine both methods.

If you are interested in having the Bod Pod testing done, you need to sign up for a slot as soon as possible. Slots are available starting at 2pm on Friday Jan 14, and run in 10 minute increments. Please email me with your time preference, and I’ll put you on the list and confirm with you that your time slot is available.

Lastly (though extremely important), if you choose to take advantage of the Bod Pod, you need to read the Test Prep document and then print and sign the waiver at the end. Bring this waiver with you to your exam.

  • Carol

    AWWWW…man!! I’m out of town for work all week! If I pay, can I go to them when I get back?