Black Friday

By November 24, 2013News

IMGL7459-Edit-EditIt’s almost that time of year again – that time when Christmas decorations are SUPPOSED to be first seen in the stores. I remember a time when Halloween and Thanksgiving were their own holidays and didn’t have to compete with an overbearing and self-righteous Christmas. On my way home about a week ago I even saw the pretty glow of Christmas lights on a fully decorated Christmas tree which was proudly displayed in the front window of a house overlooking a yard full of robotic Christmas characters moving in an eerily synchronized slow motion on a bed of fake snow. “Morons,” I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes and drove by.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as anyone. I play Christmas music at home, watch Christmas movies with my family, help decorate our house with all kinds of Santa and Angel-themed trinkets, and I put my camera’s memory cards through several real-life maximum capacity tests. But none of that starts until Black Friday, or more specifically, after the Black Friday WOD at the box.

The Black Friday WOD is a great time to take out the frustration of having Christmas jammed down your throats more than two months in advance. It’s also a great time to work out any kinks you may have gotten while you were trying to get the New Shiny Thing for your kids.

We’ll be at the gym at noon on the 29th to kick off the holiday season right on time (and a month behind the rest of the world). We’re going to have a great time, and I may even put out some fake snow.