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Accuracy is the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. Like when you were a kid and were throwing a snowball at your sister’s head from 30 feet away – that’s accuracy (well, unless you missed). Why is accuracy practice important? So you hit what you aim for. That’s why.

Accuracy is more than just hitting the bulls eye in darts or making a blindfolded world-record trashcan shot with a wad of paper in your office in front of a fantasized stadium full of screaming fans. It’s also jumping the barbell into a perfect overhead position in the snatch, knowing instinctually how high to jump and where to put your hands in order to grab the pullup bar, and landing on top of the plyo-box gracefully (and not toppling over the front of it with scraped up shins to show off for the next 10 days).

What’s that you say? You now understand the importance of accuracy and want an opportunity to get some old-school practice during a WOD sometime? Your wish is my command.

Ping pong ball. Bucket. Burpees. You can have 3 practice shots from less than 10 feet before the WOD begins – and that’s all. Embrace the unknown and the unknowable. Personally, I think they should have done the original Grand Prize Game this way.

  • justin

    Wow! That grand prize game was frightening. Clowns are real deal scary. No kid is safe around a clown.

  • Jeff Silver

    Wow, that clown is really messed up.

  • Tai

    Bozo the clown and The Grand Prize Game were the shit when I was a kid in Chicago. The Bozo Show was a variety show for kids, and The Grand Prize Game was the climax. I used to watch it JUST to see the GPG – everyone did. The suspense between buckets was incredible to a 5 year old. I even remember seeing one or two kids win the bike at the end, and enviously thinking that they were the luckiest kids alive.

    Watching the video again I can still feel the building suspense I felt as a kid, although now I understand why some people are terrified of clowns.

  • Ryan Bullock

    My job is managing the Bozoputer

  • Courtney

    My husband grew up in Chicago and has informed me that not only does he too have a great deal of nostalgia for The Grand Prize Game, but also that someone I know was on it. Want me to get you an autograph Tai? It’s like Six Degrees of Bozo.

  • Tai

    My cousin was on it too. She didn’t get to play the Grand Prize Game, but she was in the audience. Needless to say I was crazy insane jealous of her.

  • Tessa

    He’s still crazy insane jealous of me, on many different levels.
    I think I was actually picked for the game, but let fear stop me from going on stage. Fear stayed with me a LONG time, until this year, when I kicked its @ss, finally.