A Note For Noobs

By December 9, 2010CFMC Blog Archives

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CrossFit is hard. If you’ve done even one CrossFit workout you know that to be true. You probably know it if you’ve only seen a workout. When you’re watching a CrossFit workout and someone calls “TIME!!” and then instantly fall to the floor gasping for air and writhing in apparent agony, you know there’s something fairly intense going on.

There’s a cool thing that happens when you do CrossFit. In the beginning, you suck at it (that’s not the cool part, btw) but then you get better quickly. You get stronger, your mechanics get better, your times start to drop and your scores begin to rise. All the while you’re sweating and hurting and looking forward to finishing the workout so that you can end the pain.

Somewhere along the way, you do THE workout. Every veteran CrossFitter knows which one I’m talking about. The one where you are 2/3 through the workout and feel like you’re just about to die, and you’re convinced your energy has run out and you can’t. do. one. more. rep. Then someone yells at you to go harder, faster, again and again…and you listen.

Suddenly you’re in the zone: your fatigue is gone, you feel no pain, you find a reserve of energy buried somewhere far deeper in your soul than you ever knew existed, and your entire world consists solely of a reptilian desire to go Go GO GO!!! Before you know it, you’re on the floor gasping for air and writhing in apparent agony, and you become aware of the sound of applause as everyone in the gym cheers for your incredible performance.

Here’s that cool part I was talking about. A few minutes later you have a revelation that during that workout there was a time when you were positive you were unable to continue, that you had no more to give. And then you realize that you’re capable of far more than you ever thought possible.

You walk out of the gym that day feeling like you conquered the world, and indeed you have. Your workouts (and your life) will never be the same after that. Welcome to CrossFit.