2nd WOD in the Open

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Don’t forget, we’re running the 2nd workout in the Reebok CrossFit Open today. This week’s WOD involves deadlifts, push-ups and box jumps, and you need to watch the video to completely educate yourself on the movement standards.

If you think you know what deadlifts, pushups and box jumps look like, and feel confident that you do the full range of motion with them every time we do them in the gym, you may be right. But what you believe is the complete movement isn’t what’s important; whether or not you meet the movement standards outlined in the video is.

Everyone will be held to the same standards today (No, I don’t care if you don’t want to lift your hands on each push-up), and those of you signed up for the Open will have a judge assigned to you. The same rules apply as before – do your best in the workout, and above all, don’t argue with your judge.

Good luck today!

  • Mark.B

    Oh boy!