How can you help?

By September 20, 2013Announcements, News

We’ve been getting lots of offers for help getting the new space ready, and we appreciate it so much it’s hard to describe. Right now we’re getting things ready to get things ready, if that makes any sense. Yesterday we finished vacuuming, cleaned the bathrooms, ripped out a ton of old data cables and jacks, removed screws and drywall anchors, and started pondering design details that are at least 50 steps ahead of our present state.

Also, Jacob did more burpees.

If you are one of the generous people offering to help, we would be happy to have you. Since we don’t have the time (or desire) to attempt to coordinate everyone’s schedule with when we’ll be there working, we’ll post on facebook when we’re there and you’re welcome to drop by to see what needs to be done. And be sure to wear clothes you don’t care all that much about!

We are so excited to get the gym going and are looking forward to the Grand Opening like it’s our wedding day. And like a wedding, there are several million things that need to happen between now and then which all have to be done quickly, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. It’s so easy (and fun) for us to get distracted when all of you are around, so please help out by remembering that we only have about two weeks to do EVERYTHING. It’s a tall order, but I’m sure we can do it.

You may now return to your previously scheduled day. Thanks again, for everything.