Let the buildout begin

By September 19, 2013Humor, News

Danielle and I started work on the new gym yesterday, and Jacob was on hand to help. By “help,” of course I am referring to testing out his theory of turning the as of yet unused mop bucket into a method of (apparently very fun) vehicular travel, among other worthy toddler pursuits.

While we were enjoying the drive down Brink Road, we talked about how excited we were to be starting this whole process once again. There just something special about doing the work yourself that simply can’t be replaced by saving some time and effort by hiring someone to do it for you. It’s more than pride in a job well done, it’s actively infusing the invisible matrix of space and time throughout our little chunk of the Universe with the passion and love we feel about creating a supportive and caring atmosphere for the most important part of this gym: you.

Jacob even did a burpee.


  • Ryan Chiarella Heffner

    Let me know if you need assistance. I clean like someone with OCD. Mainly because I’m pretty sure I have OCD. -Ryan (formerly Ryan CH…am I going to just be Ryan at the new box?)