Excellence is a choice

By October 10, 2013Motivation, News

We’ve all heard the cliche´ “practice makes perfect.” Sometimes it gets extended to “perfect  practice makes perfect.” While I don’t disagree with either of those statements, the one I heard that rings the most true according to my experience is “practice makes permanent.”

This statement holds you directly accountable for the standard you’re hoping to reach. The implication is clear: what you practice is what you will become.

Thomas J. Watson put it simply, “If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this moment stop doing less than excellent work.”

That’s all it takes, folks. Stop allowing yourself to get away with mediocrity. Ask yourself if you’re really giving it your best  effort. I don’t care what you’re trying  to do, I care what you’re doing.

Practice improvement. Make every rep better than the last one. Don’t allow yourself to associate success with crap movement, because no one ever became great by consciously giving less than their best.

And if you think I’m only talking about CrossFit…

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