Better than the rest

By October 9, 2013Instruction, Motivation, News

You’ve all heard my rantings in the old days of CrossFit Montgomery County about how body control and awareness is more important to me in training than the amount of weight you have on the bar. You’ve heard me say that you should be more concerned with how  your body moves than with what  your body is moving. I’ve done my best to drive the idea that if your body does what IT is supposed to do, then you will always make the lift safely and successfully.

We’re deadlifting today – both in the strength and metcon portions of the workout. Solid setup, solid finish. Start strong, end strong. Posture and position are the most important things in the training environment.

These rules do not change as the load increases, nor do they change as your speed increases. If you’ve been a member of my gym anytime during the past 5 years, none of this is new to you. Nor will it be new to you if I tell you to take weight off your barbell if you are unable to maintain a safe and effective position. I assure you that your safety is far more important to me than your ego.

[Waving hand to invoke the Jedi Mind Trick]  You will keep your spine organized and solid today. Your deadlift mechanics will be as good on the last rep as they were on the first. You will listen to your coach today, and you will become better because of it.

You can go about your business. Move along.


  • Mark Blau

    "Mind tricks don’a work on me. Only money"