What does “DTR” mean?

By October 7, 2013Motivation, News

This past weekend we had our Grand Opening with many of our favorite CrossFitters in attendance. The gym looked great and the workout left most everyone splayed out on the floor gasping for breath.

Most everyone stuck around for food and beverages afterwards, one of the questions I believe I answered most was, “What does ‘DTR’ stand for?” Well, it means several things to us.

“DTR” stands for “Delano Tai Randall” (my full name), “Danielle Tullo Randall” (Danielle’s maiden name is Tullo), and of course, “Danielle & Tai Randall.” In short, those three letters are us, in almost every permutation.

DTR is more than cleverly combined initials though. It represents everything we stand for as people and as CrossFit Affiliate owners. It is a public declaration that we are proud to put our name on what we do and how it’s done.

Classes begin today. Let’s get to work.