How Badly Do You Want It?

By October 8, 2013Motivation, News

It’s a simple question really, and it applies to everything you do. You want a cup of coffee, but do you want it badly enough to get up and make one? You want a new job, but do you want it badly enough to give everything you have at your current one?

You hear people say stuff like, “I would do anything  to have/be/do [insert desired thing/trait/ability here]” so often it’s become cliche´. Then when you ask them if they’d be willing to do [insert very difficult or unpleasant thing here] in order to get it, they reply with, “Well, I don’t want it THAT badly.”

The fact is that if you want it badly enough, nothing can stop you from getting it.  Not fatigue, inflexibility, lack of strength – nothing. By the same token, if you don’t  get what you say you want then you didn’t want it badly enough. No heat or judgment on that, just making an observation.

Look, if you want it badly enough then there’s nothing you wouldn’t be willing to do to get it. Nothing. That includes getting back up on the bar long before you’ve caught your breath. It also means doing just one more burpee as fast as you possibly can when you can’t breathe anymore and have  to rest, and continuing that sequence just one more time  until all the burpees are done. And yes, it also means dropping weight off the bar to give your body a chance to learn it right.

Everything listed is outside your comfort zone – that’s why none of it seems pleasant. But again I ask you, how badly do you want it?  The funny thing is that you don’t even have to give me an answer. It’s obvious every time you come into the gym. 

Next time you’re sure you just can’t go on, ask yourself this question. When you get the answer you already know is there, quit bitching and prove it.