Brace yourself!

By October 30, 2013Instruction, News

I’ve mentioned it in class. I’ve written it up on the board. We’ve practiced it a hundred times. The only step left is for you to actually do it.

Let me give you a few reasons why you need to brace yourself like your ability to move depends on it.

  1. It will keep you from getting injured. Getting injured, you understand, is bad. In order to avoid this horrible situation, brace yourself before you do ANYTHING.
  2. When you’re not braced, your mechanics go down the toilet. Bad mechanics means all sorts of bad things, like injury, for example. It also means rehearsing crappy movement, and you all know how I feel about that.
  3. If your core is unstable and floppy like an octopus trying to stand up on dry land, you have a seriously compromised ability to generate power. Opening your hips all the way won’t matter much if your body turns to mush between your hips and the barbell.
  4. If you don’t brace your body in a correctly organized position, and then maintain that braced and organized position throughout your workout, I will come over and yell at you. Again.
  5. Every time you perform a movement without properly bracing first, the boogeyman eats a kitten. And a puppy. Cute ones.
  6. Seriously, learn to brace yourself properly and make it a habit.