Win The Day

By October 28, 2013Motivation, News

I heard a story this past weekend from a friend who used to run into an elderly neighbor in the elevator of his building several times each week. Each time he would see this man, the neighbor would ask, “Hey Champ, are we winning the day?” That’s a great thing to ask yourself on a regular basis, I think. And especially (you knew it was coming) when you’re working out. Are you winning, or is the workout winning?

From the coach perspective, there are fewer things that are more fun to watch than when an athlete is clearly beating the hell out of a workout. Repping out the clean and jerks, doing a million pullups in a row, or pulling an enormous deadlift PR – winning the WOD is a beautiful thing to watch. It doesn’t always have to be the people with the highest scores or lowest times either – you win a workout whenever you push way past your comfort zone and enter into something that looks and feels like oblivion, where there is no music, no other people working out; where nothing exists except a tunnel vision that can only see the end, and will stop at nothing until it’s reached.

That’s what winning the workout is.

On the flip side watching a WOD get the best of any of you is a painful sight, especially when we both know that there’s more inside.

The message is simple: Win the day. Do whatever you have to in order to insure that happens. You are the only one who controls the outcome, and you know it.