Waxy (poetic)

By October 23, 2013Humor, News

When you were in On-Ramp and learned all the stuff
That makes CrossFit great and you “tough enough,”
I taught you to squat down way past parallel
Then to stand up again, and you did it quite well.

I taught you positions for all of the moves
We practiced and practiced and really improved.
I stressed how important it was to stay tight
For that is the best way to make it seem light.

I told you the standards that had to be met
You nodded your heads and wiped off your sweat.
You promised you always would do what I said;
Go all the way down and lock out overhead.

But something has happened between then and now;
On many occasions you’ve broken your vow.
Your wallballs are low, your pushups stop high
And things get much worse as you feel less spry.

Backs begin rounding on deadlifts and squats.
Knees will cave in and positions are lost.
I say to you, “Fix it! Chest up and stay tight!”
You say you’re too tired to do it just right.

Your tired out body’s a flickering flame
It’s a candle outdoors in the wind and the rain
To keep it alight you must work even harder
Than back at the start when you were much smarter.

There is no excuse, NO EXCUSE don’t you see?
To lose your position and risk your safety!
Don’t stop in the middle when it’s not any fun
Work hard to the end, only then is it done.