Pop quiz #01

By October 24, 2013Humor, Motivation, News

1. You’re in the middle of a workout and your arms get tired. You should:
a. Do half-reps so you can still get a good time.
b. Suddenly start scaling things you normally RX so you can get past what you’re bad at in order to get to what you’re good at.
c. Suck it up and do the best you can.

2. When training at the CrossFit gym, it is to my advantage to:
a. Seek out every shortcut and workaround I can find for every movement in order to stress my body as little as possible.
b. Put forth just enough effort and energy to complete the workout, but no more.
c. Bust my ass to make each rep a little better and a little faster than they were last time.

3. I can’t do it.
a. True
b. False


  • Matt S

    unfortunately, I think my answer to number 1 is too often "C".

  • Tai Randall

    Nothing unfortunate about that Matt. The whole point of this stuff is to do the best you can so that YOU can be better. Remember, don’t wish it were easier – wish you were better.