Like many things, it goes back to the saying on the wall: “How badly do you want it?” And like most things, the answer to that is obvious to even the casual observer.

Are you going to try it, or are you going to DO it? Are you going to give 38%, or are you going to jump in head first?

Permit me to make an observation: people who try things rarely succeed at them. People who do things, however, are different. Would you like to be someone who has things happen to them, or someone who goes out and happens to things?

When you’re doing hang power cleans (or ANY movement), make sure that you happen  to the barbell. Execute each and every portion of the movement like it’s your one chance to save the world.

Incredible things happen when you burn the ships. My favorite part of coaching you is witnessing the moment it dawns upon you that you’re capable of far more than you ever gave yourself credit for in the past.

Stop being who you were, and become who you are.